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Terms and Conditions of use

Ok, here's the stuff you probably aren't going to read, but just in case we will try and keep it simple.

a-generic.com and its sub-domains (travel, film, coldporn, nowis, oporto) are a labour of love, and should be accepted as that. In no way is this site for profit - there is no advertising, and all expenses are out of our own pockets. Should we decide to allow advertising in the future it will be to cover costs, and kept to a minimum - we don't like seeing ads in our faces when browsing the web, so we won't use annoying techniques that you see elsewhere. More details will be provided should we ever go down this road.

We are not a business, and all links provided to external sites are meant for reference only. If you feel we are referencing something inappropriate let us know, and we will look into the issue. We do believe in freedom of speech though, so opinion may constitute parts of our content, and choices of external links.

All our material is copyright © and as the site is a labour of love, we hope you will respect this. Hundreds of hours have gone into the making of these sites, so inapproriate or unauthorised use of our material will be something we won't appreciate. Should you be interested in using any of our material, please contact us first and allow us to consider the context in which it is to be used.

If you wish to put links to our site on your page, please link only to the main page of the domain or sub-domain in question. Please also ensure that your link opens in a new window (TARGET="_link"), or takes over the current window fully (TARGET="_top"). Our pages should nt appear within a frame of another website.

Where we have used graphics that are from external sources, we do so such that it is for reference only, and we make no attempt to claim that material as our own. More specific referneces will be made on the pages concerned as updates are implemented.

If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions, then feel free to email us.

The text and layout of the a-generic.com site is Copyright © from April 2001 - Version 2.0 is Copyright © from July 2002.
All images are Copyright © their respective owners.